Mayoral and County Executive Endorsements

We, the undersigned Mayors and County Executives, urge our constituents to vote Yes On Amendment 3, which would forever prohibit and remove all traces of slavery and involuntary servitude from Tennessee’s Constitution.

Please list your name, title, and the town, city, or county you represent.

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Endorsement Statement

Signed by:

County Executive David Morgan, Lawrence County

Mayor Rogers Anderson, Williamson County

Mayor Jim Bates, Hickman County

Mayor Bill Brittain, Hamblen

Mayor Jamie Clary, Hendersonville

Mayor John Cooper, Nashville

Mayor Mark DeWitte, Hawkins County

Mayor Craig Fitzhugh, Ripley

Mayor John Gentry, McMinn County

Mayor Wes Golden, Montgomery County

Mayor Lee Harris, Shelby County

Mayor Ricky Jackson, Trenton

Mayor Glenn Jacobs, Knox County

Mayor Tim Kelly, Chattanooga

Mayor Jonah Keltner, Lewis County

Mayor Indya Kincannon, Knoxville

Mayor Ken Moore, Franklin

Mayor Ronnie Neill, Somerville

Mayor Joe Pitts, Clarksville

Mayor Bob Rial, Dickson County

Mayor Jim Strickland, Memphis

Mayor Larry Waters, Sevier County

Mayor Bill White, Mt. Pleasant

#DontSkipIt #VoteYesOn3TN